Hays Global Skills Index
Global Landscape: A Complex Puzzle

GSI 2016 report graphic

The Hays Global Skills Index is designed to assess the degree to which employers will have difficulty recruiting skilled labour across 30 countries.

How does Canada rank?

In 2016, the overall Index score for Canada declined, suggesting the labour market is experiencing less pressure which is reflected in lower wage pressures. The Bank of Canada’s Business Outlook Survey also shows the incidence of labour shortages remains low. Get your copy to learn more.

GSI 2016 Canada Score graphic



How does it compare to 2015? Watch the webinar

About the index

There are seven components that contribute to the Index score for each country, which focusing on a different aspect of how easy or difficult it will be for employers to recruit skilled labour. The indicators range from Education Flexibility, to Labour Market Flexibility, Talent Mismatch to Wage Pressures in high-skill industries and occupations. The Index ranges from 0 to 10.0 where a score of 5.0 indicates a generally balanced picture for labour markets.