With our DE&I advisory service, your organization is equipped with the insights and expertise needed to build a more diverse workforce today, and create a more inclusive tomorrow.

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With our DE&I advisory service, your organization is equipped with the insights and expertise needed to build a more diverse workforce today, and create a more inclusive tomorrow.



  • Build a competitive edge

    Research has shown that organizations that truly embrace and invest in DE&I markedly outperform their peers. Let’s turn the diversity of your talent strategy into a source of competitive advantage.

  • Meet critical skills gaps

    Competition for critical skills is fierce. But with a commitment to conscious inclusion, you’ll benefit from a broader network of talent. Together, we’ll explore the value added by diverse or alternative candidates, incorporating essential expertise into your workforce strategy.

  • Encourage employee retention

    Creating a shared sense of belonging isn’t just good for morale – it has a direct impact on your bottom line, with retention rates among diverse workforces 5.4 times higher. Don’t risk losing top talent.


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Organizations are failing to create cultures that enable each and every individual to thrive.

A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion solution supports organizations as they embed conscious inclusion into every aspect of the employee lifecycle, creating space for people to succeed.

Together, we’ll craft a culture built on trust, respect, equality and inclusivity that will enable us all to live our values, deliver our purpose and achieve ambitions for growth

A clear promise to our clients

We know that actions speak louder than words. Together, we’ll leverage our industry-leading recruitment expertise with our workforce advisory capabilities to shape significant and lasting change to the markets and communities in which your organization operates.

Let’s unlock the potential of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce strategy.

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Louisa delivered a confident and knowledgeable training, helped the Hiring Leads understand how to address bias during hiring, and left a trustworthy impression on her audience. [She] continues to be a trusted partner in our diversity strategies.

-Ioana Dumitru, Lead, HR Projects | Talent Acquisition, Rio Tinto


Ensure the engagement of your key stakeholders with services tailored to your organization’s needs and shape every team member into authentic DE&I leaders with an end-to-end approach.

Our experience and expertise come from a track record of improving DE&I with our clients and ourselves. We are passionate about the value offered by the diversity in background and experience that exists within our teams.

  • Date and insight to inform your strategy

    Make intelligent decisions about DE&I strategy driven by reliable data from our Recruitment Pulse Checks.

    By measuring 36 components in your hiring process, we will produce reports showing how you can improve in each area including:
    > Job design
    > Sourcing
    > Shortlisting
    > Interview
    > Debrief & offer

  • Unlock your potential with DE&I

    Build an effective DE&I strategy by utilizing our Strategy and Consulting Services. As your partner, we enable you to better engage, acquire, and retain talent while meeting and exceeding your commitments.

    Our services include:
    > Developing a D&I strategy
    > Inclusive Culture Assessment
    > Inclusive Leadership Assessment tool

  • World-class training

    From the C-suite to your early careers pipeline, we’ll support your workforce as they embrace and adapt to a new, fairer way of working.

    To create an inclusive work environment, we offer extensive education programs and trainings including:
    > Mitigating bias by design
    > Managing a diverse and inclusive workforce
    > Reducing gender bias at work
    > Inclusive leadership program


Attract and retain essential expertise

People power progress. Let's source the skills you need to evolve.


Diversity focuses on and celebrates the differences between people e.g. gender, background, age or how we think.

Equity refers to fair and just practices and policies that ensure all employees can thrive. However, this is different to equality as it implies treating everyone as if their experiences are the same.

Inclusion is the act of welcoming diversity, creating an environment where everyone can thrive and succeed.

Hays have been partnering with clients to build diversity and inclusion-led workforce strategies for over 20 years.

Driven by a desire to do the right thing, solve skills shortages and empower the workforce of tomorrow, we’ve evolved over the years to consider DE&I more holistically. We support organizations of all sizes, in a range of sectors, from C-suite level training and strategy development, to executing on those strategies and delivering diverse and inclusive hiring programmes.

Several factors have contributed to increased activity in DE&I. Recent tragedies in LGBTQ+, Black and Asian communities have fuelled growing concern from employees regarding a lack of real action from leaders.

An evolving market and persistent skills shortages are also encouraging organizations to think beyond traditional sourcing and attraction strategies. There is a need to engage the widest possible talent network to meet an ever-growing demand for critical skills, promote innovation and outperform competitors.