Experts in marketing and digital recruitment solutions in Canada

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Experts in marketing and digital recruitment solutions in Canada

To meet ever-changing, fast-paced customer demands, discover how your organization can reach the most sought-after and skilled marketing candidates. Keep your organization at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies.

Our recruitment experience in marketing 

Marketing experts are the key to your brand reaching and resonating with your customers. As demand for marketing talent peaks, finding the marketing professionals needed to propel your organization is where we come in.

We use all available recruitment platforms and our unmatched talent network to attract professionals across a range of industries and verticals from financial services to agencies, retail, charities, and public sectors. In a highly competitive market, you’ll stand out from the employer crowd and attract top talent through our range of digital solutions.

We also specialize in finding marketing talent within emerging and highly sought-after roles including UX/UI designers, digital data analytic specialists, experts in CRM and automation, digital product managers, communications professionals, brand and product experts and more. 

Whether your goal is to rebrand with experienced marketing directors, get the most out of your CRM system, or decipher data more effectively, we have the talent networks, latest technology and wealth of expertise needed to achieve your ambitions.

For more about how we can help you, get in contact today and speak to your very own marketing consultant.

Our marketing fields of expertise

Digital and Martech: we’ll fulfil your demand for digital marketing professionals with in-demand technical skills, such as Google tag manger, HTML and much more.

Marketing communications: from content execs to CMOs, we can bring you marketing talent at every level, and for a range of industries.

Data Analysis and Insights: leverage data and gain fresh insights with the analytical professionals you need.

Strategy and business development: bring on board proven business strategists with a clear understanding of the marketing landscape and agile methodologies.

Creative and design: there’s a huge demand for UX/UI experts and designers, but our specialists can quickly source the creative talent you’re looking for.

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Hays’s recruiting consultants understand our hiring needs. They consistently respond in a timely fashion with highly-qualified candidates that have become valued members of our team. We recommend Hays to prospective clients who want professional recruitment consultants and superior results.

-Patricia Allen-Evans, Human Resources Manager, Moriyama Teshima Architects


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Need new recruits? Look no further

Whether you’re seeking short-notice temp support or longer-term employees, we have candidates in our databases that are sure to fit the bill.

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