Navigating labour dynamics in 2024

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Navigating labour dynamics in 2024

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Did you know, 46% employees are unmotivated with 71% seriously contemplating leaving their job this year? Employees are increasingly seeking better pay, benefits, and opportunities from their employers, do you have a strategy in place?

Welcome to the dynamic world of work, where our 2024 Hays Salary Guide & Hiring Trends will help you navigate the ever-changing labour market. It offers a thorough overview of salary trends and workforce insights that will give your organization an edge. 

In the Hays Salary Guide, you’ll find:

  • Employment and salary trends 
  • The top benefits workers want (it may surprise you) 
  • Main factors employees say will re-motivate them 
  • Why you need to act on AI – and how 
  • How to promote labor inclusion  
  • Hundreds of up-to-date salaries across 14 sectors 
  • Jobs in demand in 2024

Three trends impacting the market and your recruitment strategy you need to pay attention to:

  1. Quiet quitting: With 46% of employees feeling unmotivated and dissatisfied, it’s about to get loud. How are you going to retain your top employees?
  2. The AI impact: 40% of organizations encourage the use of AI, even though 57% do not have established protocols in place and 79% of their employees are not aware. Don’t put your team/company at risk.
  3. The DE&I challenge: 52% employees feel their organization doesn’t take DE&I policies seriously and 41% of employers don’t have a DE&I policy or are unsure. Are you truly fostering an inclusive and diverse environment?

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