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2023 Hays Salary Guide
Data from thousands of professionals on their plans, wants and needs for the job market in 2023


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What to expect from the Canadian labour market in 2023?

As 58% of workers are preparing to ask for better pay in 2023, the Hays Salary Guide includes labour market insights and predictions from over 5,400 professionals across Canada, to help you plan to meet your goals.

Employers need to bridge the great disconnect

Macroeconomic uncertainties have organizations reexamining budgets, plans and how they get work done, but workers remain determined to better their pay and work life balance.

In this Salary Guide you’ll discover:

  • Average salaries for hundreds of jobs
  • New for this year - Contractor rates
  • Hiring predictions and trends across Canada
  • Most in demand jobs in Canada for 2023
  • Remote and hybrid working trends
  • Which benefits workers want

See how your organization's salaries compare to industry benchmarks

Gain a better understanding of the average salary in Canada for hundreds of jobs in 13 industries/functions, by region/city including:

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58% of respondents intend to ask for a pay raise


86% of organizations believes it's important to have a clear strategy around DE&I


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2023 Salary Guide snapshotMake pay fair and equitable

With DE&I and pay transparency hot on many boards agendas, the Hays salary and hiring trends report gives you the data you need to quickly identify, and resolve pay equity issues. 


The thirteenth annual Hays Canada Salary Guide is based on a survey conducted from September 22nd to October 16th 2022 with a representative sample of n= 5,490.