Hays "Fit" Series Pt 2: Workplace Happiness
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More than five years-worth of Hays Canada Salary Guide data shows that employers believe the number one reason why a candidate doesn’t work out is due to a poor fit with the manager, organization or team culture. As a result, we wanted to get to the bottom of what ‘fit’ means to Canadians and ultimately, help people and companies make better decisions.

In the second of the Hays “Fit” Series, we take a look at the impact of overall job satisfaction and workplace happiness, and how unhappy workers not only hinder team morale and negatively impact productivity but cause retention issues.

What you will discover:

✔     What areas of the workforce are most satisfied?
✔     What drives workplace happiness?
✔     Why do people leave an organization?
✔     How can you  assess ‘workplace satisfaction’ to  improve retention

Watch our webinar, hosted by Hays Canada President, Rowan O'Grady in October 2016:

Hays "Fit" Series - Part 1: Fit & Recruitment

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About the Hays "Fit" Series

The Hays Fit Series looks at the impact that fit has on recruitment and retention. It’s also an examination of how hiring the wrong person or making the wrong job selection impacts workplace happiness, productivity and individual success.                                                           Hays Fit Series