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The Right attitude is a must have

Recruitment can be a time-consuming, complex and expensive process and the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe.

recent study, found that in the vast majority of cases employees failed at their new job due to attitude. When looking to take someone on you need to consider their attitude as well as their skills, experience and qualifications. 

"We" over "me"

If two candidates are otherwise similar, attitude can be the one thing that sets one apart from the other. A bad attitude can quickly become detrimental to team morale and overall productivity. The advantage of a good attitude is that skills are generally easier to acquire, whilst a good attitude is something that often cannot be taught.

The right behaviours and approach can help keep everyone focused and the whole workplace positive. People with this attitude celebrate the small, daily wins as well as the bigger ones. In short, it’s a triumph of the “we” over “me”.

Skills, are easily found - but the right approach is much harder to get in a new hire.

5 Tips to identify the right candidate

It's hard to tell much about someone’s attitude from a couple of short and artificial interview meetings. Someone who looks perfect for a role on paper may only display a poor attitude once they’re actually in the job. Use these 5 tips to best identify the right candidate and what questions you can ask to determine whether they are a team player or not:

  1. First, ask existing employees who exhibit a great attitude whether they have any referrals for the role.
  2. If the candidate has had short stints in past jobs, ask them to be clear on their reasons for leaving.
  3. Ask the candidate to rate their past jobs and happiness levels from 1 to 10.
  4. Are the candidate’s previous successes and future goals individual ones or collective?
  5. Are they reluctant to refer to previous positions and do they tend to talk mostly about the ‘I’ rather than the ‘we’?

Trust your gut instinct and you will start to pick up on those subtle clues.

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