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Hays Hiring Series
3 - Interview structure

Taking the necessary time to properly screen candidates can actually save you time and money. Follow our two steps to creating an ideal interview structure.

Develop a systematic approach

First, lay out clear objectives for the interview:     

  • Can they do the job?
  • Is it the right move for the candidate?
  • Will they fit in with the team?

Second, lay out a clear action plan, including:

  • Two-way feedback
  • A plan for subsequent interviews
  • Decision timeframe
  • Offer and rejection

 Lastly, set up a clear agenda for the interview, such as

  • Brief company introduction
  • Discuss the candidate’s background
  • Discuss their preferences
  • Talk about the opportunity
  • Time for feedback and questions
  • Next steps

Get to know your candidates

First, assess first impressions. Second, aim to build a rapport within one minute of meeting, helping you get a good sense of the person you're interviewing.

Lastly, build a composite picture. This can be achieved by going through a candidate's background chronologically, asking key questions about their likes, dislikes, motivations, accomplishments and frustrations.

Putting these steps together will help you attract the right candidate for your business.

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