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How to conduct successful interviews while you work from home 

2 min read | By: Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on March 23rd, 2020

There are several ways to ensure a successful video interview even while working remotely. There are two types of video interviews – one-way and two-way. In a one-way interview, you send your candidate a list of questions and they send a recorded response back. We suggest a two-way video interview as this enables you to interact with the candidate, giving you a better indication of their soft skills and cultural fit. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next video interview.

Pick the right platform

When conducting a video interview, there are a number of options available, including Skype, BlueJeans, FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. Some of these also allow for conference interviews, so if required multiple interviewers can speak to a single candidate. However, be mindful that not all candidates will have access to all these tools – so talk to your consultant about the best platform to use.

Don’t forget the basics

Before the interview, conduct a test run to check your technology and software. Check that your devices are adequately charged, so that you will be undisturbed throughout the interview. Also be aware of what may be seen behind you on video calls. We suggest you sit or are standing up in one location and do not move around.

Give an estimate of interview length

This should be discussed with your recruiter beforehand, but it is also good to mention how long an interview will take at the start of the call. The candidate can then ensure their devices are adequately charged and that they do not need to change location.

Prepare your questions

No different to a normal interview, have a set of questions pre-prepared. These can be the same as you would ask in a face-to-face interview and will likely be a mix of technical and behavioral. Have these questions next to you and ensure you can see them whilst conducting your interview. Remember to give the candidate time to respond, ensure they have finished their response before moving on.

Take note of their presentation

Pay attention to how they communicate – do they speak in a professional manner or are they more informal? Look at their body language and how engaged they are. Consider what they are wearing and the environment they have chosen to be interviewed in.

Keep in touch with your recruiter

Your Hays consultant will contact you after the interview (virtually or over the phone) – let them know how it went, what your thoughts are and discuss the next steps. If you require any further support, they will be able to guide you on onboarding, follow ups and feedback.

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