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8 mins | Dan Robertson & Louisa Benedicto | Report | Staff engagement

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Learn how to create an effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy with our 7 rules. As employees and potential candidates demand more from their employers, it’s time to take it back to basics, to develop a DE&I strategy that works.

Download this whitepaper to learn: 

  • What intersectionality is and how you can take an interactional approach to DE&I
  • How to track DE&I data and set targets
  • The key principles your DE&I training program should cover
  • Get expert advice on how to apply DE&I practices not just to your staff but supply chain

More about the 7 rules of inclusion: 

Developed by two industry experts, with over 20 years of experience supporting global businesses, Dan Robertson (MD of Vercida consulting) and Louisa Benedicto (SVP of DE&I and Sustainability, Hays Amercias) this guide covers the latest DE&I trends, best practices, and strategies. Including our 7 rules: 

  1. Collect, track and analyst data 

  1. Take an intersectional approach to DE&I 

  1. Educate your workforce  

  1. Build a workplace community 

  1. Integrate DE&I through your supply chain 

  1. Set DE&I targets 

  1. Establish accountability structures and a ‘devil’s advocate’ process

About this author

Our DE&I experts:

At Hays, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and supporting our clients to do the same.

Dan Robertson

MD at VERCIDA Consulting and the Global Head of DE&I Advisory Services for Hays, Dan is widely regarded as a global expert on workplace diversity and inclusive leadership, with over 20 years experience. An expert in the science and application of leadership decision-making and behavioral science, Dan supports executives to turn diversity theory into meaningful actions. 

Louisa Benedicto

SVP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability in Hays Americas, Louisa consults with clients on their strategy, goals and aspirations, and provides solutions to create a more inclusive workplace. Her goal is to help all organizations to close the skills gap, retain the staff they have, and ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity for growth.

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