Logistics and supply chain recruitment solutions 

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Level-up your logistics and supply chain processes with our industry-leading networks and innovative technology. Discover candidates and long-term strategies that align with your business needs. 


Our recruitment experience in logistics and supply chain 

Whether your business has been recently impacted by a lack of access to critical goods and services, shortages in transport, or soaring energy prices, there has never been a more crucial time to grow and develop your logistics and supply chain teams. However  62% of employers maintain they are currently having difficulty filling their open roles, with the right leadership and talent being difficult to lock-in. 

Your organization needs more than a recruiter, but a leadership partner. With eight offices across Canada, over 17 years of success in logistics and supply chain, and the largest and most engaged database of industry professionals, we’re working for your tomorrow.  

Access the talent and strategic guidance your organization needs as it adapts to market shifts, navigates increasingly volatile supply chains and adopts new digital and analytic models. You’ll leverage our sophisticated national networks to recruit a broad range of logistical expertise and leadership. This includes material schedulers and supply chain directors, logistics and distributions directors, operational managers, fleet managers, warehouse supervisors, and logistics planners and analysts. 


Our logistics and supply chain fields 

Our specialist consultants can support your organization with end-to-end recruitment services for separate logistics fields. These include: 

  • Logistics and distribution directors 
  • Logistics and distribution managers 
  • Operations and warehouse managers 
  • Fleet and transportation managers 
  • Routing and logistics analysts 
  • Supply chain directors 
  • Heads of supply chain 
  • Supply chain managers 
  • Demand/forecast managers 
  • S&OP managers 
  • Production planners/managers 
  • Material schedulers 
  • Supply chain analysts 
  • Continuous Improvement Specialists 
  • Routing Engineers 

Speak to a member of our logic’s team today to discuss the specific areas of expertise your organization requires. 

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Need new recruits? Look no further

Whether you’re seeking short-notice temp support or longer-term employees, we have candidates in our databases that are sure to fit the bill.

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Josh is an ambassador to his company. He is professional and structured. He is a great listener and identifies candidates that will bring skills to your business. Josh was a pleasure to work with and produced fantastic results.

-Kerry Karim, Branch Manager at DB Schenker