The Future of Work report: Building your Workforce Strategy in 2024

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A blue and white picture of different icons including: a globe, a magnifying glass, servers, text messages and a man, all of them in different hues of blue. On the left, reads the following text of white letters on a blue background: Want to know what the future of work has in store?

Learn about the latest trends and topics of the world of work to prepare for 2024. Get ahead of the curve with an effective workforce strategy action plan and start working on tomorrow, today. 

Future of Work Report:  What will you learn?

Your organization operates within a diverse ecosystem of regional, national, and global dynamics, encompassing politics, economics, and legislation. The scale of your operations makes you susceptible to fluctuations in this ecosystem, such as varying inflation rates, technological shifts, and geopolitical uncertainties. 

As the landscape of work continues to transform, organizations are moving from mere operational sustainment to strategic planning for the future. 

Our report focuses on three major categories:

1. The Macro Environment: Referring to the external factors that will influence and define your organization.

2. The Innovation Scene: These are the factors are steering changes in the world of work.

3. The People Dynamics: What are the expectations regarding future workplaces?

Each of these factors contains unique themes that, when integrated, will shape your organization’s distinct nuances guiding your approach.

Strengthen and prepare

Base your workforce strategy on an assessment of the risks and impacts on your organization posed by the macro environment. Engage in extensive scenario planning to fortify your operations with alternative talent sources. CEOs should acquaint themselves with legislative changes to capitalize on offshoring, outsourcing, talent platforms, and remote work.

Harnessing Technological Advancements

Technology has been a driving force transforming the world of work since the Industrial Revolution. What’s noteworthy is the accelerateding rate at which technologies are evolving and their potential to overhaul current work methods in a few years, or even months.

While the widespread implementation of automation in daily life is progressing slower than anticipated, CEOs are eager to leverage Generative AI to enhance efficiency and increment growth. Organizations must be ready and willing to reinvent methods, processes, and products, rather than merely seeking to perform the same tasks faster.

Champion Inclusion, Diversity, and Learning

The dynamics between employers, employees, and the world of work have undergone a lasting change. Hybrid, remote, and cross-border work arrangements are here to stay and with them come present diverse challenges and opportunities for hiring managers and potential employees.

The upcoming next few years present a significant opportunity to shape a future of work that promotes economic inclusion, establishes policies influencing, not just the growth rate but its direction, and contributes to creating more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient economies and societies.

Taking action in 2024

By shaping your workforce strategy with these three perspectives, you’ll find yourself in a unique position to thrive in the future of work. Leaders must ensure that today’s decisions create an environment in which their organization and its people can prosper tomorrow. 

Start today by accessing the complete report or keep exploring our market insights.

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