Alternative energy and renewables recruitment 

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Alternative energy and renewables recruitment 

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Our recruitment experience in alternative energy and renewables

From one-time hires to outsource solutions, we’re your end-to-end leadership partner in alternative energy and renewables. 

We work with all kinds of organizations in the alternative energy and renewables industry – including those in wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel & hydro to facilitate growth, development and change.

When it comes to the design, build and optimization of the renewable energy infrastructure of the future, Hays has the people, technology and partnerships to connect you with the talent you need.

  • Our extensive networks and close regional knowledge allow us to access talent from across Canada & the wider global market.
  • Our expert recruiters have the scale, insight and deep understanding to help shape your hiring strategy.
  • Using a customer-first and data-driven approach to meet your business needs, we make it easy for you to deliver against the complex talent and recruitment landscape you need to navigate.


Alternative energy and renewables partners we work with 

We work with organizations of all types and sizes – from start-ups through to global corporations – that require people who can enhance environmental performance and business value in tandem.

Offering permanent, temporary and executive recruitment services for alternative energy and renewables industry clients, we recruit for roles including:

  • Project managers
  • Design engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Energy specialists
  • Energy analysts
  • Service technicians
  • Sustainability leads
  • Regulatory analysts
  • Asset managers
  • Electrical engineers.

Alternative energy and renewables recruitment services 

It’s not just people we provide – whatever your workforce challenge, we’re constantly innovating and evolving our services so we can build the best solution for your organization.

Whether you need someone to fill a permanent position, an inspirational leader to transform your business, or want to outsource your hiring completely, we’ve got you covered.


Our core services:

Permanent staffing

  • Get committed support throughout your journey, including sourcing, assessment and development of your people.
  • Access vast talent networks, connecting you with the skills and expertise critical to your organization.
  • Find passionate people who will align with your ambitions, contribute to your culture and power the progress of your organization.

Find out more about our permanent recruitment services.


Managed Service Program (MSP)

  • Gain a greater understanding of your non-permanent population, with visibility enabling cost reduction and strategic management of risk.
  • Reimagine what’s possible with faster access to an extensive network of new and alternative skills channels, including the Human Cloud and cross-border supply chains.
  • Leverage deep market insights to make the best buying decisions across enhanced talent networks.

Read more about our Managed Service Program.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

  • Enhance your employer brand and ensure you’re first choice for top talent.
  • Unlock access to dynamic talent networks primed with the skills you need to elevate the capacity and capability of your organization.
  • Make decisions at pace, as our proprietary tech stack supplements your digital capabilities to uncover a wealth of data and insights and increase efficiency.

Discover more about Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


Executive recruitment

  • Navigate organizational change by finding inspirational leaders.
  • Empower business transformation and steer your organization to success with exceptional executive hires.
  • Build success through diversity with bespoke job ads and transparent interview processes.

Read more about our executive recruitment services.

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