Fast supply of quality workers for disaster relief

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Fast supply of quality workers for disaster relief

Providing urgent support for Fort McMurray residents 


The story 

A devastating wildfire 

After a wildfire swept through the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in northeastern Alberta, our client asked Hays to be a key supplier to support their organization’s emergency relief project. 

The challenge 

Finding staff who could support disaster relief 

Hays was asked to immediately fill positions—mostly client case workers (CCW)—to help determine what services people needed. It was difficult securing candidates who were highly empathetic, had strong interpersonal skills, and could support various people experiencing trauma. As well, it was a challenge finding staff who were able to reach the Fort McMurray campsite, a minimum five-hour drive by car from the closest major city, due to the Fort McMurray International Airport closure that resulted from the wildfire. 

The solution 

Time was critical 

Due to the urgency, Hays did not present resumes or interviews. Instead, consultants developed behavioral interview questions that incorporated our client’s specific role requirements. Hays ensured that all temporary workers on-site were capable, compliant and qualified for the role. 


Hays was efficient at finding quality staff for this organization’s emergency relief project. Between August and September 2018, Hays produced the following results: 

  • 23 jobs filled in 24 hours 
  • 70 contractors working on assignment at peak time 

23 Jobs filled in 24 hours 

70 Contractors working at peak time 


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