Externalisez votre recrutement technologique avec Hays

Gérez-vous toujours votre propre recrutement ?

Avec une évolution aussi rapide de l’industrie de la technologie, vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de passer du temps précieux et mobiliser des ressources pour traiter les détails du recrutement de chaque nouveau rôle permanent.

Vous avez besoin d’une solution construite dans ce but, axée sur l'attraction de talents du secteur de la technologie. Vous avez besoin de l’externalisation du processus de recrutement - RPO de Hays.

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Drive digital change with a Hays RPO

Avec notre RPO, tous vos besoins de recrutement de personnel permanent dans le secteur de la technologie sont gérés par notre équipe d’experts qui agit comme une extension de votre propre équipe de ressources humaines. Vous pourrez exploiter les dernieres innovations du recrutement et le savoir-faire de recruteurs spécialisés. Il s'assurera que vous puissiez embaucher le bon talent, rapidement et avec efficacité.

Peu importe la manière dont vous essayez de mener le changement numérique, que ce soit à travers un système d’intégration, un déploiement logiciel ou la migration d’une plateforme, un RPO Hays vous y aidera.

Quelle est la valeurs ajoutée d'un RPO Hays ?

Nous mettons à votre disposition une équipe d’experts du recrutement dans la technologie, dédiée à l’acquisition de talents pour votre organisation. Ils apporteront une compréhension nuancée du recrutement dans la technologie, que ce soit à travers de conseils d’experts, de l’expertise du marketing, de la connaissance du marché, de la planification du personnel, des prévisions du marché ou d’un vivier de talents du secteur difficiles à trouver et fortement qualifiés.

Nous inclurons également l'accès à notre plateforme de formation en ligne gratuite, Thrive, afin que vous puissiez donner à tous vos employés les compétences nécessaires pour s'épanouir.
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Your RPO questions, answered

What is tech Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Tech Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where all, or part, of your tech recruitment activities are outsourced to an external provider. This sees them act as an extension of your internal recruitment team for all or some of your tech jobs, usually based on-site with you and working under your brand.

A tech RPO could cover anything from tech workforce planning and market forecasting to talent attraction, screening, assessment and selection. A good tech RPO provider looks after your recruitment end to end – coordinating interviews, carrying out compliance and background checks, managing offers and onboarding new starters.

How does tech RPO work and why is it so important?

Tech RPO sees a combination of dedicated experts, technology, best practice processes and analytics embedded as an extension of your organization. They’ll align with your hiring managers, and work with you to forecast the future demand for tech talent, optimizing sourcing, assessment and onboarding.

Leveraging automated and optimized tools and processes, alongside deep expertise, market insight and actionable analytics, they’ll ensure you and your business are always able to access the tech skills you need – which is vital for success in this fast-growing industry.

RPO may also offer offshoring options to help you reduce your tech recruitment costs, providing complete flexibility to better meet peaks and troughs in demand without additional headcount. Reduced time to hire, improved retention and a higher quality of hire will equal better ROI.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your tech recruitment?

Outsourcing your tech recruitment offers lots of benefits, including scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Crucially, it gives you improved access to the tech skills you need and ensures compliance at every stage. The great thing about an RPO that focuses on the tech industry is that it gives you access to recruitment experts who both understand the nuances of tech roles and who have access to communities of highly skilled and ready talent. We’ll support you with attraction campaigns targeted to niche tech talent. 

Our experts know the language of tech, and they understand what drives candidates, how to find them and how to offer them an optimized experience. Plus, they can also take responsibility for implementing technical interview and testing processes, ensuring only the most skilled professionals are selected to work for you.

It will be an optimized candidate experience, with EVP and branding advice, plus access to market intelligence and enhanced tech solutions.

How can I use a Hays RPO to ensure our hiring remains inclusive?

Our RPO solutions are backed by Hays processes and technology, ensuring hiring processes are efficient, engaging and free from unconscious bias. Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a core component of any talent acquisition strategy and candidates demand to see this commitment too.

Having a process and an environment built with inclusivity in mind is paramount to both attracting and hiring digital talent.

Within tech, diverse hiring can be a challenge, so we ensure that inclusivity is built into our entire hiring process. This includes an M.I. reporting tool so you can accurately monitor the diversity of applications to any given role.

What’s different about tech recruitment process outsourcing compared to standard recruitment?

Whereas recruitment and staffing agencies focus on sourcing candidates, RPO providers design and deliver across the full talent acquisition process. If you are just recruiting one or a handful of roles, then check out our specialist recruitment, if more, RPO could be the answer. From workforce planning right through to onboarding and retention, an RPO expert will work as a direct extension to your existing in-house recruitment team.

Your consultant will recommend, implement and run the latest in talent acquisition technology and methodology. They’ll support you in optimizing a range of recruitment processes – taking in requirements from hiring managers, helping your business make informed decisions on assessing candidates and ensuring everything is ready for your new hires on day one.

How much does a tech RPO cost?

There’s no easy answer to this question. It depends on the size and scale of the program and the model used to best meet your objectives. Typically, they’ll be able to provide savings compared to your current talent acquisition spend thanks to the efficiencies they’ll gain from expertise and volume developed over years of experience.

There are three main ways a tech RPO is priced, a fixed fee paid periodically, a transactional fee for each hire or performance based – for example, linked to cost savings or key pre-agreed KPIs.
If you want to know more, talk to us.