Hays Canada Partnerships


Hays Canada Partnerships




  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

    Hays Canada is a proud partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) since 2021, who we are working closely with to make a difference in the lives of youth across Canada.

    BBBS is a non-for-profit- who serve youth from coast to coast in urban, rural, remote and Indigenous communities. As BBBS strives, through mentorship, to help young people improve skills, self-confidence, motivation, and establish career paths, and Hays Canada serves as a thought-leader in the business communities it serves, we believe that our collective missions can truly benefit each other in multiple and impactful ways.

  • LinkedIn

    Our unique relationship with LinkedIn means that our recruiting experts have unprecedented access to LinkedIn’s member database so they can search LinkedIn and our own database side-by-side. This enables us to connect millions of people globally with relevant job opportunities, materials, and employment-related content. 
    Using LinkedIn to the company’s best advantage has not simply been a matter of cross-system awareness through technology. We are positioned at the forefront of our industry and have achieved this through a consistent, high value content strategy: we produce engaging written material that makes users want to follow us. Hays is the #1 Most Followed Staffing company on LinkedIn, with over 6M followers.