Accounting and Finance jobs in Canada

If you’re a motivated accounting and finance professional, we’re here to support your next career move.

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Accounting and Finance jobs in Canada

If you’re a motivated accounting and finance professional, we’re here to support your next career move.

Search for a Job

Find out how you can benefit from our industry expertise, spanning advisory and corporate roles, as well as director-level and CFO positions. You can also access our expansive employer network at a local and national level.


Experience in accounting and finance jobs you can count on  

Our long-standing presence in the accounting and finance industry means that we have the specialist knowledge and experience to find the right role for you. Your dedicated consultant will match the responsibilities of relevant accounting and finance jobs to your expertise and ambitions. We also offer unique insights and transparent advice, enabling you to make the most informed decisions about your career.  

We’re hiring professionals across internal audit, risk and compliance, external audit, accounts receivable, credit collections, accounts payable, payroll, finance management and finance controls, financial analysts, finance transformation and systems, public practice, external audit and assurance, advisory and corporate finance, designated finance, and accounting support. We also have jobs for part-designated and newly designated accountants, as well as roles for finance business partners, directors and CFOs. 

In addition to our expert employer knowledge, we can provide you with the upskilling opportunities needed to fast-track your accounting and finance career. Whether you're looking to develop your Excel skills, learn about the latest AI and automation capabilities, or enhance your leadership skills, we’re here for you as your lifelong career partner.


Accounting and finance employers we work with 

We work with a vast range of reputable organizations across the country seeking financial talent, from private accounting firms to public sector bodies. 

To find out typical salaries you can expect from our employers check our 2023 Salary Guide.


Our accounting and finance recruitment process 


Meet dedicated accounting and finance experts you can trust 

Your application goes directly to your very own expert consultant with in-depth knowledge of the accounting and finance market. They know that the industry is more fast-paced and dynamic than ever and can leverage their insights to provide you with the best opportunities.  


Get the knowledge, insights and honesty you deserve 

Your expert consultant will work closely with you on your resume, tailoring it to the job specifications of leading accounting and finance roles. They’ll also reach out directly to discuss your application, career history and future ambitions 

Check out our resume writing tips.  


Benefit from a flexible interview process  

We understand that flexibility is highly regarded by finance professionals, and hybrid working has become the norm. To meet your needs, a dedicated consultant can meet you virtually, or in one of our many offices near your location. 


Share your finance career ambitions 

We’ll provide transparent career advice to best understand your suitability and needs, and to help place you in the right job in the right organisation. Whatever type of financial institution or banking model you’d like to work with, we’re invested in your potential. 

Your specialist recruiter will leverage their client relationships to make sure your profile gets priority. They’ll share company insights to help you prepare for your interview and be there for any feedback or questions throughout the process.  


Secure lifelong partners 

As your lifelong career partner, we will stay in touch and continue to share opportunities in accounting and finance that fit your long-term ambitions.    

Whether you’re signing a temporary contract for one week or making a permanent career move – we’re here for every step of your journey.   

*For temporary and contractor job applications - your dedicated consultant will take you through the process and advise you on the necessary requirements around compliance and reference checks.


The best accounting and finance qualifications will depend on what career path you are focused on. For example, a Chartered Accountant may seek different certification to a Finance Analyst. Also, the types of places or finance departments you would like to work for may have their preferred awarding bodies. Respected awarding bodies include:

Many organizations will be willing to support your studies while working, whether it be funding your course or providing time off work to take your exams.

We make sure to network with employers who are willing to invest in your abilities. Moreover, our expertise in accounting and finance means we are always ready to offer you our own upskilling opportunities and career advice.

Controllers can have a high salary of $140,000 or more across the country, while a Senior Financial Analyst’s salary in Montreal ranges between $90,000 and $100,000. Property Accountants, Project Accountants and Payroll Specialists can have salaries ranging from $65,000 to $90,000 depending on location.

For a detailed breakdown of accounting and finance salaries, check out the 2024 Salary Guide. You can also use our free Salary Checker tool to benchmark your salary.