IT Recruitment

We know the top tech professionals who will make a difference to your digital functions.

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IT Recruitment

We know the top tech professionals who will make a difference to your digital functions.

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Our recruitment experience in information technology 

Safely navigate complex digital transformations or create seamless customer experiences with the brightest talent in tech.

Customer demands are constantly evolving, and the pace of business accelerating. Therefore it’s crucial to have the right people on board to keep innovating your products, services and processes.

With enough scale, insight, and understanding, you can meet your current technology hiring requirements while shaping your talent strategy as it evolves. Whether you need full-stack developers to build complex solutions, or proven directors to enact a digital transformation, you can have absolute confidence in our recruitment decisions and capabilities. No matter your technology strategy, challenges or opportunities, you’ll have access to passionate people targeted for your industry.

Being IT recruitment experts, our talent network spans 32 countries, hiring top professionals at every level of seniority and for all sectors and verticals requiring technology solutions. Enterprises, public services, start-ups and scale-ups and more can receive the people they need.

We recruit the best talent and empower your digital infrastructure with the tech skills, knowledge and leadership it deserves.

Information technology roles we recruit for

We recruit across a rich variety of different positions within technology, including but not limited to:

  • Data science and analysis – secure talent to integrate and enrich your data systems, ensure data integrity, discover value-add insights and develop a data-driven culture.
  • Technology project management – bolster your digital projects with the experience and skills of talented tech managers.
  • Cyber security – mitigate emerging security risks without sacrificing on digital advancement.
  • Software development – innovate and expand your digital offerings with developers skilled across various coding languages and systems.
  • Technology business analyst – find candidates talented in both technology and business development.
  • Technology executive leadership – bring world-class tech leadership into the fold to steer your organization towards a new digital era.
  • IT infrastructure - receive the right people to monitor, maintain and progress your digital architecture.
  • Salesforce – select from talent with an expertise in Salesforce and other key CRM systems.
  • Cloud & DevOps – from platform engineers to cloud architects, we’ll find the right person for your organization.
  • CRM and ERP – we’ll source CRM and ERP experts to help your organization deliver a truly optimized experience.
  • Technology change management – need managers who live and breathe innovation and technology transformation? We’ll find the visionary tech leaders you need.
  • Business Intelligence – access automation experts who can simplify processes, free up resources and improve operational efficiencies.

Successful tech placements

To help you meet rigorous customer demands, we offer the people, the technology and partnerships you need to achieve your hiring goals.

Last year alone, we helped organizations secure hundreds of talented IT professionals for permanent roles in Canada. This is thanks to our tailored recruitment process, using a customer-first and insight-led approach to meet your business needs and deliver against a complex talent and recruitment landscape.

Need new recruits? Look no further

Whether you’re seeking temp support or full-time employees, we have candidates in our database that are sure to fit the bill.

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Need new recruits? Look no further

Whether you’re seeking short-notice temp support or longer-term employees, we have candidates in our databases that are sure to fit the bill.

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Hays embedded themselves within our SAP Program office to truly understand what resources were required across the piece. They were also highly proactive in SAP candidate engagement to identify future resource needs as part of our resource strategy.

-SAP Program Director