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4 Tips to deliver a winning interview presentation

When a hiring manager requests a presentation as part of the interview, they are looking to see a showcase of your knowledge, experience and a demonstration on how interested you are in the company and job. An effective presentation will reflect both your skills and personality fit for the job.

Stick to the time allotted.
Show that you have understood the brief and prepared an intelligent presentation. You will get extra points for being succinct, relevant and interesting.

Keep visuals simple and clear.
Include a heading to summarize your point and one key idea per slide. Avoid busy layouts or too many transitions between slides as you don’t want to confuse or loose the attention of the audience.

Demonstrate your interest.
This is your chance to show your passion for the industry, company or project. Direct the presentation to everyone but keep the hiring manager engaged with regular eye contact.

Anecdotal evidence will make for a stronger presentation.
Share real life success stories to demonstrate your knowledge and involvement in a project to keep hiring managers engaged and validate your experience.

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