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Succeed in interviews
With effective body language

Your delivery of the message often is as important as the message itself, especially when battling nerves in an interview. Your posture, body language and how animated you are all demonstrate how interested you are in the job.

If in doubt, ask what to wear.
If it’s an office based interview then wear a full business suit, however if you are visiting a site, ask if you need to wear safety clothes.

Be aware of how positive your facial expression and body language is.
Keep eye contact with the interviewer, lean into the conversation and if you tend to talk with your hands normally, then do so here. All of this helps portray you as engaged and interested in the conversation.

Practice in a mirror, in front of someone or record yourself.
This is a great way to check and correct nervous ticks, word repetition and fillers such as ‘erms,’ ‘umms’ etc.

Tackling telephone or video interviews.
On a telephone remember to give verbal ‘nods’ to acknowledge you understood and are following the conversation. Convey your passion by keeping your tone enthusiastic.

On video calls, make sure you background setting is plain, professional and that there is enough lighting.  In both settings, articulate clearly and keep a steady speaking pace to allow for any lag or delay on the telephone or internet.

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