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Salary Guides

Get your copy of the 2019 Hays Canada Salary Guide      Learn salary and benefit changes for 2018, forecasted business activity, and hiring plans.      2017 Salary Guide get your copy      Accounting & Finance Salary Guide 2019_report cover | Hays Canada

2018 Payroll Salary Guide get your copy_report graphic | Hays Canada      2017 Hays Payroll Salary Guide get your copy      2017 VRCA Salary Guide get your copy      201415 BOMA Salary Guide get your copy

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Local reports

Hiring Transformed Report 2018 available | Hays Canada      Hays Fit Series Pt1 - Fit & Recruitment       Hays Fit Series Pt2 - Fit & Retention. Workplace happiness and culture is vital.       2017 Gender Diversity Report - Create gender equality programs and become more attractive

Hiring Essentials Handbook - we cover interviews, job postings, resume screening | Hays Canada      2018 IT Rates Guide_report cover | Hays CA      2017 IT Pros Guide v2_report cover | Hays CA      What IT Employers Want E-book | Hays Canada

What People Want Report 2017 v2_report cover | Hays CA      Where People Are Guide 2014

DNA Series

The Hays DNA Series takes a look at what it takes to achieve a leading role in your industry. Hear secrets to success from successful leaders along with their words of advice.

How can you become a construction leader/VP? Find out in our report.      Get your copy of the DNA of a CRE Report.      DNA of a Chief Estimator get your copy      You map to becoming a successful CFO - DNA of a CFO report

Achieve a senior or executive role in HR with the Hays DNA of a VP of HR      Secrets to success from Canadian CIOs  - Hays DNA of a CIO report      DNA of a Procurement Leader Report now available      Learn from the experiences and challenges from successful Canadian tax leaders.

Global reports

Recruitment Remodelled Report - Find & Engage: The art and science of successful recruitment     Issue 17 of the Hays Journal is now available | Hays     Hays Journal 16 Driving Force report | Hays CA     Hays Journal Issue 15 get your copy_report graphic | Hays Canada

2016 Global Gender Diversity Report     2018 Global Skills Index Report: Investing in the Skills of Tomorrow, Avoiding a spiralling skills crisis      Global Skills Index 2017 - Skills in demand and tomorrow's workforce     Gen Y Report - World of Work. How can you attract Gen y professionals?