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At any one time only 10 per cent of employed candidates are actively searching for a job. That means, 90 per cent of today’s professionals are passive. Engaging with this 90 per cent is key to identifying the best talent when they become active. The difficulty is that you don’t know which 10 per cent of your audience is going to become active and when they will begin their career search.

Hays has cracked this dilemma and are the leaders in digital recruitment. Whether you want to build your employer brand or learn about digital recruitment, discover here insights on Canada's digital recruitment landscape.

Where People Are guide

Did you know that your organization's network is predominantly comprised of consumers not candidates?

Hays 'Where People Are Guide' is the first report of its kind and is based on more than 1,000 Canadian employer and candidate survey respondents from 20 sectors and functional areas sharing insights on the digital recruitment landscape in Canada.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your current recruitment strategy, along with the digital tools you're using in order to improve your recruitment process in today’s candidate short market. 



Webinar: How strong is your employer brand?

In today's candidate short market, are you engaging with your future hires on a daily or even weekly basis?

Learn how you can grow your profile and connect with top candidates using social media in this webinar featuring key insights from our Where People Are guide and What People Want report.  


Employer Brand Accelerator (EBA)

EBA imageOur Employer Brand Accelerator, is a branded advertising campaign distributed through our digital channels enabling you to reach the widest potential audience of relevant high quality
candidates to fill your niche role(s).

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