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2018 Market Insights

What are the hiring and workforce trends in 2018? Are you being paid fairly? Scroll to find the answers.

2017 Market updates

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HR toolbox

Just as no two businesses are the same, each HR department's challenges are unique.  Navigate the ever changing world of work and better support your business's needs by watching the videos below. 

HR Toolbox- Define your recruitment needs_thumbnail | Hays Canada   HR Toolbox- What do peoplw want_thumbnail | Hays Canada   HR Toolbox - Common interview mistakes_thumbnail | Hays Canada

DNA Series

Hear from Canadian business leaders about their career journey, their experiences, challenges and key learnings that have helped them achieve success.

DNA CRE video | Hays Canada   DNA VP of Construction video | Hays Canada   DNA VP of CFO video | Hays Canada   DNA VP of HR video | Hays Canada

DNA VP of CIO video | Hays Canada    DNA Procurement video| Hays Canada

Hays Hiring Series: Making the best match

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