DNA of a CIO

DNA of a Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Find out with your copy of the DNA of a CIO. The report provides advice and secrets to success for information technology professionals to achieve a leading IT role in your industry and as an employer, support and build successful teams.

In the report discover:

✔ What qualifications really matter

✔ What are the top three soft skills needed

✔ How can you be an effective leader

✔ 10 interviews from CIO's across Canada

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Hear from Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Steve Heck, CIO, Microsoft Canada, David Cefai, CIO, Kinross Gold Corp., and Rob Meikle, CIO, City of Toronto.


The report is comprised from a survey of CIOs across Canada, a deepdive into the Hays database, and interviews with successful IT leaders.

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