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About Stelco

A Canadian industry leader since 1910, Stelco is an independently operated Canadian steel company proudly embarking on the next chapter of their story. Based in Hamilton, their team of over 2,000 highly-skilled and environmentally responsible employees drive continuous product innovations across the North American automotive, construction, agriculture, appliance, pipe, and tube industries.

This is a company whose resilience over the years can be attributed to their founding vision: superior quality, innovation, forward-thinking, and consistently investing in their own people. By working for Stelco, you will be joining generations of employees who have left their mark on the company and their communities.

About the organization

Originally The Steel Company of Canada, Stelco was founded in 1910 via the merger of Montreal Rolling Mills, the Hamilton Steel and Iron Company, and a handful of secondary businesses. Born out of an era of tremendous change, Stelco has forged their reputation on adapting to customer needs and market changes through some of Canada’s most turbulent times. In 2007, Stelco was acquired by U.S. Steel and renamed U.S. Steel Canada which led to even greater advances in employee health and safety and streamlined processes, helping to better serve their customers.

Today, Stelco has returned as a vertically integrated, independent Canadian steelmaker. With a history founded on helping build Canada and a future built on bringing together people, technology and unmatched market knowledge, you will be proudly joining a true Employer of Choice.