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Job opportunities in Facilities Management


About ISS

Founded in Copenhagen in 1901, ISS has grown to become one of the world’s leading facility services companies. Operating in Canada for over three years, ISS offers a full-range of facility services including property, security, support, cleaning, and catering. Their secret to success lies in tailoring solutions to client needs, how they manage risk, and how their team adds the power of the human touch in everything they do.

Why choose ISS as your next employer?

People matter at ISS

ISS recognizes their people are the reason they provide consistently outstanding services to their clients and continue to grow each year. Join a working environment designed so that everyone can flourish, and a team where you matter. At ISS, employees are treated with respect, work with shared values, and encouraged to realize their talents and find their voice.

Outstanding commitment to service

Get excited to join an organization (rated “super star” by IAOP) whose vision is reflective of their ambitious and forward-thinking mindset – To be the world’s greatest service organization. And at ISS, it’s not just a goal, it’s a reality. One where you get to work every day in an environment guided by four core values: Honesty, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility, and Quality. If you believe great service isn’t just a task, but a way to empower a customer’s business and help them achieve their goals, then ISS is for you.

Develop your career in a developing industry

If you’re enthusiastic and committed to advancing your career, you’ll find tremendous opportunities at ISS. Their industry-leading development program provides everything from an induction course to tailor-made management programs. And with leadership principles that encourage action, innovation, and respect, their culture helps you realize your potential every single day.