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IT Contractors: Why work with hays to find your next job

Why work with Hays

✔ We take the time to build personal relationships to find you the best fit, every time.

✔ A trusted industry advisor and thought leader, Hays understands how the industry runs and why

✔ We recruit with an eye to personalized fit. We want employers to want you, not just your skills

✔ We succeed when you succeed so you can be confident that you’ll get all the support you need to be successful in each role. 

IT /Tech: Top tech roles in-demand 2018

Tech roles in-demand

Blockchain solutions architects

Cyber security specialists

Cloud specialists

Data scientists


Smart contract developers

Software developers

VR / MR Developers

Hays IT Contracting - Benefits of being an IT contractor

Why be an IT contractor

✔ Develop your skills faster by working on cutting-edge projects to become in even higher demand

✔ Expand your network with contracts that bring you in contact with peers and industry leaders  

✔ Take control of your career path with flexibility to choose the role that fits your interests and expertise 

✔ The opportunity to pick your placements by finding a workplace culture that best suits you