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In a market as competitive and fast growing as IT, you need the best staff on your schedule. That’s where Hays comes in.

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How we deliver quality contractors

Hays recruitment model delivers quality workers: Find & Engage, Match, Retain

Our specialist consultants are experts in IT skills and needs, so you can be confident they understand your needs and can find and secure the right person for your role.

We find and engage the best talent: With a database of 50,000 IT professionals and an extensive social network, we connect with the talent you need every day

We match the right skills: We use the latest sourcing and screening technology, including our one-of-a-kind LinkedIn database, to ensure you only see qualified, quality candidates

We retain contractors: With our dedicated customer service team and strong relationships built by our recruiters, contractors are more likely to stay on board until project completion

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Areas we work in

Architecture / Conception

Database / Data warehouse

Infrastructure / Security

Methods / Management / Processes

Quality assurance / Testing


Software development

Other specialist roles

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Case studies

Atos logo | Hays CanadaFind out how we supplied Atos with 15 contractors across Canada.

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Why use contractors?

Bridge existing skills gaps and gain access to new technology proficiencies

Handle unexpected workload increase/workforce reduction

Short term volume hiring for product launches and to meet project deadlines

Cover short or long term leave of staff (maternity, illness, vacation)

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