Together, Creating Sustainable Value

Goldcorp logo | Hays CA

Goldcorp is a leading gold producer focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost production throughout the Americas. A proudly Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Goldcorp employs more than 15,000 people worldwide, operating four mines in Canada, one in Mexico, and one in South America. With a strong pipeline of growth projects, a Goldcorp career can take you from the far north of Canada to the plains of Argentina -- and wherever you go, you’ll find a vibrant, supportive, performance-driven culture, and consistent Goldcorp values of Safe, Productive, and Responsible.

Why choose Goldcorp?

Empowering you to succeed

If you’re committed to continuous improvement and development, join a company whose focus is to offer growth and learning to their people. Be empowered to succeed through open communication and feedback, and a selection of robust training programs for both corporate services and mining, designed to help you develop personally and professionally. From a Global Onboarding Program, StepUp program for leaders, to their Global Mobility Program which focuses on the transfer of knowledge, skills, and talent, you are joining an organization that will support you through every stage of your career.

Diversity, inclusion and collaboration

When you become a member of the Goldcorp team, you join a diverse and inclusive environment where colleagues openly communicate and interact with all levels of the organization. With a keen focus on collaboration to achieve mutual success, Goldcorp values their employees’ diverse points of view and experiences, and their teams embrace the opportunity to learn from one another and transfer expertise, and achieve the vision of Together, Creating Sustainable Value.

Safety first

Safe Enough For Our Families represents Goldcorp’s commitment to a safe and healthy workplace. As a member of the team, you will plan ahead, and take responsibility for the safety and health of yourself and others, contributing to a culture that values safe execution of all activities – whether at a mine or corporate office. From participation in the International Mines Rescue Competition (IMRC) to their plethora of internal training programs, Goldcorp supports the latest in safety advancements and innovations. Every operating mine develops and tailors its safety programs within Goldcorp’s framework to ensure a site-specific program for successful, sustainable implementation across the company. If you have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to safety, then Goldcorp is the employer for you.

Commitment to responsible mining

At Goldcorp, a commitment to responsible mining and creating sustainable value is central to their values. Together with their stakeholders and through the investment in communities in which they operate, they strive to build strong and lasting relationships, drive innovation and minimize their environmental impacts. With agreements in place with 26 First Nations and the launch of the ambitious Towards Zero Water program in 2016, be proud to join an employer who respects the communities and environment around them.