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Hays Hiring Series
2 - Attracting the right candidate

Define your role value proposition

First you need to know why people like to work for your company. What do you do or offer that makes you different, why is it great to work for your company? Once you collect all points - determine which cards you want to play. You don’t need to use all of your cards to sell your business or role.  The key is to determine what is most important and appropriate to the professionals your targeting.


Determine candidate preferences

Think about all areas of the role and business, not just what you perceive likely to be important to the candidate. Top professionals in all industries and sectors are looking for opportunities with more career growth, good benefits and flexible work options.


Strategically sell company features

Now with a clear picture of your selling features, think about how you want to promote your opportunities. Consistency is key. In all aspects of the outreach such as job ad, website and when discussing with potential candidates - messaging must be consistent.

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Hiring Essentials Handbook

We get back to the basics to get you the best person for the job. 

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