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Consultant Communiquer avec Matthew Perez, le recruteur responsable de ce candidat, dans ce pays Toronto
Communiquer avec le recruteur
ttéléphone:(416) 367 HAYS (4297)
ftélécopieur:(416) 203 1923
Suite 600, 6 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ON M5C 1H6

Residential Regional Manager


Type d'emploi
$90,000 - $100,000

Professional qualifications/key skills

• 10+ years’ experience in professionally managing all aspects of multi residential properties including leasing, building operations, capital projects, hiring.
• Ability to lead a large team. Currently leads a team consisting of 34 people.
• Extensive capital and operating budgeting experience with the largest capital budget totalling $4 million.
• Excellent tenant relations and able to deliver excellent customer service under the most competitive and stressful conditions.
• Proven track record in managing vacancies.

Notice period 4 Weeks
Preferred location GTA