Transforming lives

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Founded in 2006, eSight is a company on a mission: to turn the tide on sky-high unemployment rates, educational challenges, and discrimination that disempower the legally blind – because when people can see the world, they can change the world.

As the developer of breakthrough electronic glasses that let the visually impaired see, eSight is the largest, most knowledgeable, and best-funded R&D lab in the world dedicated to non-surgical sight restoration. With offices across the globe, and product distribution across 45 countries, come be a vital part of a team that’s helping transform lives.

Why choose eSight as your next employer?

Values driven, through personal investment

eSight operates on a core set of principles: innovation, customer centric, simplicity, empowerment, and diversity. As a company motivated by the founder’s desire to help his own two legally blind sisters, eSight is a company with a personal stake in the work they do. And those core values have let them reshape the path of numerous lives – because at eSight it’s not just business, helping others is personal.

Help change the world

When’s the last time you worked for a company that wanted to change the way we see the world? eSight’s diverse, empowered, driven employees are doing just that every single day. As a valued member of a team developing cutting-edge research, they’re not just empowering their customers to see the world, they’re empowering their employees to work on meaningful, life-changing projects.

eSight Icecream Community day | HaysBe part of a diverse culture

With a focus on diversity and inclusion, eSight employs only the best. 100 employees strong, the team is motivated by a dynamic, high-energy, performance-driven workplace culture. Function-specific and general training empowers employees to direct their own success, and help create new innovations that push what eSight can do for their community and their clients ever further.

Innovate and inspire

eSight’s Visioneers have transformed thousands of lives through a combination of advanced technology and a keen, thoroughly researched understanding of their customers’ needs. With their core product recently named a Best Invention by TIME magazine, eSight’s spent the last twelve years getting it right. Because it’s not just about making a product, it’s about helping create solutions and a commitment to help others, globally. eSight believes everyone deserves to see. Come help make that a reality – join eSight today and help make a difference.