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Learn how to receive feedback by active listening, recognizing the giver, asking questions to probe, probe to better understand and probe to understand.


There are 3 ways to maintain productivity throughout the summer: 1. Create and maintain good vacation policies 2. Use temporary staff to boost your workforce productivity 3.Create individual plans for vacation cover


When I step back and think about the most successful people I have come across in my career, they share a common theme. They all seem to genuinely enjoy learning new things and will continually challenge themselves to grow and develop. They may be at the pinnacle of their game, but they accept that they still have much to learn and actively go out to discover what they are missing. I really...


The drive towards a more sustainable, low-carbon way of life to tackle the threat of climate change continues to build momentum. It’s something that’s underlined by green action at the highest level around the world – from the UK Government’s pledge that the country will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions to thousands of Chinese companies being fined for breaking strict...


I recently read that 67% of 6-9-year olds say that saving the planet will be the ‘central mission of their careers’ in the future. That stat struck me as fascinating, but not all together surprising. I think we’d all agree, that for all of us, regardless of our age, the reasons behind the career choices we make are becoming more deeply rooted in social purpose and the world around...


More than any other in recent history, 2020 has been a year of leadership lessons. In just a matter of months, we’ve learnt how to adapt our organizations to a rapidly changing market. We’ve learnt how to work and collaborate in new ways – and how to ensure our people are doing the same – all from a distance. We haven’t always known the answers to the questions posed to us along the way, and...


As a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak, the world of work is undergoing unprecedented long-term change. Our professional lives will never be the same again, and that presents a challenge for leaders. We spoke with Alex Fraser, Group Head of Organizational Change at Hays about how leaders can manage the significant changes, as we transition to a new era of work post-crisis. How important...


Recently, CEO's and board members have stepped down from their roles as current and past employees have asked for their resignation. This has been as a result of poor leadership when not following through with promises to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Leaders must listen to feedback from their staff and take action to make their company an even better place to work. In this...


Today’s world of work is filled with constant change and emerging challenges. Now more than ever, business leaders are faced with issues they have not encountered in the organization before. All this can make work a place of fast changing emotions. People do not always leave their emotions at the door when they come to work, and they never have. In today’s world there is an increasing demand...


Hays has been working to make sure we are helping businesses through these changing times. The shifting scenarios have led to many people seeing an increase in their productivity since working from home. In fact, our recent survey revealed that 27% of staff felt their productivity had risen compared to working in the office. To help support businesses, we have created a New Era of Work report...


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