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We all know the importance of listening well in both our professional and our home lives, in fact, the importance of this skill is likely to increase. According to a recent McKinsey study, as the world of work shifts to automation, continuous learning and team-based working, a higher focus will be placed on the need for strong social and emotional skills – and the ability to listen well is at...


To enjoy a successful career in this modern age you’re required to constantly adapt to new environments and ways of working. Technology is rapidly evolving, and with that so are our jobs. It’s imperative that, among all the turmoil, you’re able to stay on the right path and progress with your career – having the best manager or mentor can help greatly in this regard. Your boss won’t just shape...


Human skills are always needed despite the rise of automation. Skills such as creativity cannot be easily borrowed, replicated or programmed by a machine. According to LinkedIn’s data, companies see creativity is the number one soft skill in 2019. Creativity makes businesses more competitive. Organizations that welcome brave decisions and unusual thinking are rewarded with innovative...


We spend a lot of time on our screens. For those of us who work remotely or at desk jobs, technology is an essential part of our working lives; however, it’s possible that our heavy reliance on digital technology can hinder productivity and even cause burnout. Compulsively checking your work emails at all hours of the day and night or being regularly interrupted by notifications are all habits...


Pride Month is officially underway in Canada! This year also honours the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a violent raid at a gay bar in Greenwich Village in 1969 which resulted in the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Today, cities around the world celebrate in solidarity with parades, social events, concerts and more. Even though we have come a long way since...


A new training fund that aims to grow Canada’s skilled workforce has been unveiled by the federal government. The Canadian Training Benefit, which is worth C$1.7 billion, will be available over the next five years and has been created to encourage workers to take on mid-career training. Workers can claim half the cost of a course or training programme and will be eligible to take four weeks...


Reaching a senior leadership role in estimating requires more than just technical and team leadership skills. This roles requires you to drive business development and guide company strategy. You will need a strong network, a depth and breadth of business understanding, and the ability to connect market knowledge to business direction. Here are six tips to help advance your estimator career. ...


Listen to the audio here:  Think back to your first consulting assignments or, alternatively, anticipate your first consulting gig. What one word would either summarize how you felt at the time or how you expect to feel when you get your first gig? What did you feel? Did you feel anticipation because you're going to try something new? Perhaps it was hope that everything would go...


There are 300 million people using Skype each month. It’s no surprise then, that the video chat service has been deployed in the interview process. Using Skype allows employers to interview candidates from all over the world. These days, it is often the first step in an interview process, so it’s important it is a success. How to prepare for your Skype interview Skype interviews...


According to our recent survey, 83% of IT professionals nationally are aware of compliance requirements associated with contract roles; however, many are unsure of the key compliance areas. Whether you’re an established business person who has been in the market for years or brand new starting out, your clients are demanding a compliant contingent workforce. Here are Hays’ best practice...


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