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When it is time to fill an accounting role on your team and find a candidate who possesses the key skills you require, the interview questions you ask will make all the difference. So how can you get the most from an interview? Here are some key questions you will want to ask and why, to help you assess overall candidate quality when conducting you next accounting interview.


There is no one like you on this earth, so why not embrace your uniqueness wholeheartedly? Take some time to celebrate the attributes that make you different from your coworkers because that’s what makes you special. Practicing self-love is an ongoing process and it’s crucial to take care of your well-being and overall happiness. Here are five tips to ensure you give yourself the love you...


Networking is often named as one of the critical ingredients for driving your career. As important as networking is, a lot of people struggle to do it effectively. In-person networking at events is a great way to generate trust, build your reputation, open doors and increase your chances of securing a new role. By putting yourself out there and talking to people, a new opportunity that hasn’t...


Finding opportunities to grow your skills beyond the day-to-day tasks is an ideal way to give your career a boost. However, looking for new challenges is not just about impressing the boss. Taking on responsibilities that push you outside your comfort zone will also boost the confidence you have of your skills and ability to move up. Taking on new challenges adds more diversity to your role...


You’re several years into your role and both your salary and title have remained the same. To move forward, you’ve got to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career. Here are the steps to take towards your next raise or promotion in tech. Conduct salary market research How much should you be paid? Prepare yourself with concrete figures. For instance, software architects across Canada...


How were your interview skills last year? It may be time to revisit your well-worn questions so that you uncover important details to help you make an informed hiring decision. Remember that interviews are a two-way street, as candidates are also evaluating you as an employer of choice. By brushing up on your interview skills and learning a few quick tricks to keep the interviewee engaged, you...


Here are some key reasons why it’s crucial for leaders to review their approach and begin initiating more forward-looking career conversations with their team.


The diversity and inclusion (D&I) landscape is continuously evolving —many employers are starting to rethink their approach and its organisational impacts. The business benefits for diversity in the workplace have been proven repeatedly through research and experience, however some employers are still not be aware of the lasting benefits a diverse workforce can offer. The Hays Global...


With the start of the new year, comes an opportunity to reflect on our strengthens and weaknesses. When job searching, you’ll want to focus on applying to the right jobs, evaluate your skills, and determine what makes you stand out in a crowded job market. Here are some recommendations that are divided into three phases: the preparation, the process and once you have started your new position. ...


You’re prepping for an interview at an exciting company. You’ve researched the company, distilled your tech experience into concise statements that highlight your skills and credentials. Your goal is simple, “Position myself as a superstar candidate so that hiring me is a no brainer.” Believe it or not, companies aren’t necessarily looking for superstars anymore. Instead, they’re looking for...


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