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Most of us have been working from home for a few weeks now and are starting to get into the flow of a new routine. As you are adapting to this new normal and creating your work schedules, it is important to remember to make time for yourself to keep a work-life balance. Here are some activities you can participate in on your free time to have a work-life balance – even while working from home. ...


In today’s working climate, video chat services are now being used as part of the interview process. Using Skype allows employers to interview candidates from all over the world. Take a look at these tips to help you get through your next skype interview. How to prepare for your Skype interview Skype interviews require just as much preparation as face-to-face or telephone interviews, if not...


The most crucial part of a remote employee’s onboarding is the ability to connect with their team and their manager as quickly as possible. To be successful at this, you’ll need to plan ahead. Below are some tips to give your new hire a smooth and efficient onboarding experience. BEFORE DAY 1 Book a virtual team meeting: Book a meeting for all of the team to meet the new hire. The most...


There are several ways to ensure a successful video interview even while working remotely. There are two types of video interviews – one-way and two-way. In a one-way interview, you send your candidate a list of questions and they send a recorded response back. We suggest a two-way video interview as this enables you to interact with the candidate, giving you a better indication of their soft...


There are several things you can do increase your chances of successful video interview while you search for your ideal role. Here are some key tips to keep in mind while you prepare for your next interview remotely . Prepare your interview area The setting you use for your video interviews will speak volumes about your professionalism. Make sure the background is clean, with no distractions...


Managing teams across different offices can be a learning curve, and it can take time to refine and perfect a way of doing things. Giving teams a sense of independence, but also being involved enough to make sure they’re happy and productive, is a balance that can be achieved. Here is some advice that will act as a springboard for team leaders to establish what works best for them and their...


Over the past few years there has been a focus on diversity and an increase in representation of people from various backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Whereas, inclusion involves creating a space where everyone’s voice is heard equally in the workplace. I think that both of these concepts will remain a top focus for organizations in 2020 and certainly something that we also continue...


Our Salary guide provides hiring trends in the market and will allow you to benchmark the salaries of professional roles in major cities. Additionally, it offers advice on what employers can do to attract, develop and recruit skilled workers while tapping into a diverse talent pool. Here is a look at some of the hot jobs in construction this year, along with characteristics you will want...


You’re overwhelmed by your workload, and stressed by your job environment. You constantly feel exhausted, and you’re getting sick more and more frequently. Chances are, you’re on the brink of burnout. Last year, the World Health Organization recognized workplace burnout as an “occupational phenomenon”. In the tech world, burnout is especially prevalent. Among IT professionals, high...


So you got a new job and you’re ready to embark on this next chapter in your life. Before you start your first day, be sure to take some time off. Whether it’s for a couple of days or weeks, it can be beneficial to you in more ways than one.  


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