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As part of our ‘Ask a Recruiter’ series, we spoke to Simar Deep, a Senior Talent Broker, to get an inside look at what characteristics help data professionals stand out. Have a look at his must-know advice that is sure to give you a one-up against the competition. 1. When you meet with data professionals, what are some key characteristics you look for?   In terms of soft skills, I look...


If there’s one thing social distancing measures have shown us, it’s that a large percentage of the workforce can work productively and successfully from home. The traditional perspective that people must be physically present in one set workplace during standard business hours has been turned on its head. Skepticism has been replaced with a new-found awareness that output, performance and job...


The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought tragedy and turmoil, there’s no understating that. However, some genuinely positive changes have come about as a result of the disruption. In the early stages of the crisis, you might have understandably imagined that the initial interruption to our lives would only be temporary, and that after a little while, things would generally return to...


Remote working is in full effect for many people, and with this comes new challenges that we might not have experienced while working in the office. One of these challenges include video call fatigue, where you feel exhausted from constantly being on virtual meetings. If you are experiencing unusual tiredness you are not alone – use these tips to help prevent video call burnout. Make time for...


Today’s world of work is filled with constant change and emerging challenges. Now more than ever, business leaders are faced with issues they have not encountered in the organization before. All this can make work a place of fast changing emotions. People do not always leave their emotions at the door when they come to work, and they never have. In today’s world there is an increasing demand...


If you’re a data scientist, you have the luxury of diversifying your career. Today, companies across industries understand the importance of data science. This gives data scientists and data analysts an opportunity to add variety to their career. If you’re a data professional interested in a career change, consider entering one of these five industries where data talent is highly coveted. ...


We recently interviewed one of our top clients who is the head of cyber security at an automotive company. They shared an inside look at what characteristics catch their eye when assessing candidates. You’ll want to pay close attention to their insider tips to help you stand out. 1. When you meet with cyber security professionals, what are some key characteristics you look for? I look for...


As a phased return to the workplace begins to become a reality for many of us, you’ll find the workplace you’re returning to is very different from the one you left. For some, the rapid move to remote working may have been a big adjustment, but transitioning back could be an even greater challenge. To begin with, adherence to social distancing could have your former workplace layout replaced...


If you have come to the realization that the time is right to make a change and find a new job, you’ll want to follow these tips to help boost your employability. Whatever you aspire to achieve in your career, Hays will help you along the way to ensure your professional dreams become a reality. 1. Consider the skills you will need to reach your career goals: If you want to move closer to...


Changing jobs is not a simple task, and trying to so do in the midst of a crisis can make it an even more complex predicament. In fact, it is normal to be extra cautious when deciding if now is the right time to make a move. If you are ready to make the jump into a new opportunity, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure a successful transition. 1. What is motivating you to make a job...


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