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It may sound crazy to ask the above question; after all, isn’t the answer obvious? Isn’t high performance just about consistently delivering results? Yes, in part, but I’d call that a performing team, not a high performing team. Ultimately, a high performing team meets and exceeds its goals, and it does this by ensuring the team’s performance is more than the sum of its parts.   Why are...


Employee retention is not a new challenge, but what is new is the reason why people are leaving. It’s no longer just about better pay or benefits but how happy an employee is in their workplace. Depending on their seniority level 30-40% of employees will not sacrifice their ideal fit for an opportunity with more money or incentives and 25-30% are unsure. This means that over half of the...


As an experienced professional you have lots of work experience, and you want to make sure any potential employer knows about it. So now you’ve got a four page resume that few employers are reading to the end. While some industries expect long resumes, for most job-seekers I suggest keeping it to less than two pages – and the most important information should be on the front...


A recent Hays survey from the US showed a serious skills and labour shortage of millennials (aged under 35) in the construction industry. Are the same trends affecting Canada, and if so what does that mean for employers and professionals? I asked three of our construction consultants, who have a combined experience of more than 30 years, about what they’ve seen change in...


If you’re job hunting it’s easy to get wrapped up in the process and opportunities, but if you’re missing key steps it could lead to a decision that doesn’t make you happy at work. What do you need to do before you start applying to jobs? I think it’s important to start with some reflection and prioritizing. What do you need from a job? And don’t think that you’ll...


A job interview is an essential part in making the right choice, but not just for the hiring manager. The shortage of key skills in the Canadian market means you could be weighing up multiple job opportunities. Here are some tips that you can use when you have an interview to ensure you get all the facts and make the right decision. Whether your meeting is in a formal office environment or on...


Your resume is updated, cover letter is targeted, and interview answers are prepared - but could your body languagewin or lose you the next job? Negative body language could be enough to deny you the job. Hiring managers can tell about someone’s personality simply by observing how they sit in an interview.  For example, if you are slouched in the chair,...


This year, Hays turns 50. Any milestone birthday is time for reflection, and 50 is one of the big ones, for a company as much as for a person. I’ve worked at Hays for 22 years, almost half its life – and about half of mine. Working at a company is not unlike being in a relationship and many of the reasons I, and so many others, have been able to build such long careers with Hays are similar to...


For our What IT Employers Want series, Hays IT talked to Jim Maddux, Transition Director at Atos, about what he looks for when hiring and how he assesses resumes and conducts interviews to find the best IT talent. What are the hottest tech skills right now? Cisco Engineers are really hard to find. There’s a big demand for refreshing tech, whether that’s on desktop or server level or...


Demand is high for skilled trades so it might seem like becoming a journeyman is enough for a successful career. You’re not wrong, but a dual ticket could mean you can write your own career path. We’re seeing increasing demand for skilled tradespeople with a dual ticket across a range of industries, but especially in manufacturing. Common pairings in demand include millwright, 4th...


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