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Talking through your resume is a way of proving to a hiring manager that your experience makes you the most suitable candidate for a role. But recruiters aren’t just looking for what makes you right for the role, they’re looking for what makes you wrong for it – any skeletons in your closet you’ve carefully avoided mentioning. It’s difficult enough for unfledged candidates to know how to give...


The language you use on your resume can make a big difference on whether you make it to the next round of the hiring process, and we’ve talked before about how to streamline your resume for success. There’s lots of great resume advice out there about making your resume stand out, from Hays Canada and from associations such as the HRPA. But I haven’t seen much...


Technology is changing every industry and function, from automation to AI, and recruitment is no different. Social media was one of the biggest shifts, as it changed how people accessed information and searched for jobs, but today social media is just one factor in a shift away from the old “advertise and apply” method. For decades, employers have been advertising jobs – first in newspapers...


We all want leaders in our businesses who are able to not just replicate, but to create; who can innovate and drive our businesses forward. But, unfortunately these truly great leaders can be extremely hard to come by. I’ve therefore outlined for you what I think are the main characteristics of strong leaders, along with some helpful pointers to help you identify these traits during the...


There aren’t a lot of new tips for interviews - if you’ve searched for advice before your interview then you’ve certainly found millions of pages, most repeating the same suggestions. But if everyone is following the same advice, how can you stand out? I’ve put together some unconventional tips for your interview. You might read these and think “how could that help” but you’d be...


Used properly, LinkedIn is the best way to establish your professional identity, grow your network and exchange insights and opportunities with other professionals. Consider it a living, breathing version of your resume; available for other professionals to discover, even when you’re busy elsewhere. LinkedIn gives members a range of options for making sure their profile is the best...


What I would like to talk about in this blog is how, as a business, your focus on improving the productivity of your workforce can and should start with the interview process. I don’t need to tell you that recruiting employees who are ambitious and self-motivated is one of the golden tickets to an effective workforce. But is there a way you can measure for these productivity indicators in the...


As your business grows, so too will your need for talented new team members to take it into the future. We talked to our expert consultants to find out their top tips on hiring to create a document you can refer to any time you need to hire. 1. Writing a job description and person specification Once you have decided exactly what you need from your new team member, you need to articulate this...


A job ad is the first interaction most candidates have with your company, but most are not well-written, and focus more on what a company wants from a candidate, rather than what the company has to offer as an employer. Your goal should be to gain the attention and interest of the most relevant candidates, and this means taking time to craft a message that is targeted, informative, and...


Whether you're sorting through 20 resumes or 200, you want to be efficient and thorough. Many hiring managers tell us they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications that come in and often more than half are not relevant or sufficient for the advertised role. So how can you quickly discard irrelevant resumes, without throwing out a diamond by mistake? Follow these three steps and...


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