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Many construction professionals have strong technical skills but may lack in the essential soft skills in order to succeed in their careers. In fact, the main challenge for our consultants in this industry is finding candidates who possess both hard skills and soft skills.   The soft skills gap in construction Some of the most in-demand construction roles, such as estimators and site...


Technical skills can only take you so far in your career as an IT professional. Whether you’re a full-stack developer, data analyst, or a data scientist, being able to collaborate, innovate, and interact successfully with others are essential skills for your career success. In fact, in LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, 92% of talent professionals agree that soft skills are...


Canada’s construction industry continues to convey confidence in business growth. An overwhelming 65 per cent of respondents from our 2019 Canada Salary Guide expect construction business to increase this year. However, there’s a significant shortage of skilled talent in this market. Here are regional construction trends for 2019 based on insights from our consultants and results from...


Cyber security engineers, cloud engineers, project managers, DevOps engineers, and software developers are among the top IT jobs this year. But when it comes to software developers, there are many different types. Below is our list of software developer jobs that are trending this year. 1. Front-End Web Developer Front-end web developers are responsible for the visual user interfaces, layouts,...


The rise of data breaches and trade-based money laundering has led to a growing demand for Anti-money laundering (AML) investigators. With so few candidates in this market, employers need to focus on how to better attract and retain these highly skilled professionals. What are some other ways employers can attract AML investigators? Here are top four tips from our expert consultants. 1. Focus...


Which accounting and finance jobs are trending in Canada and what are the average salaries? Here’s our list for 2019.  1. Senior Tax Managers Senior tax managers coordinate the tax department activities and ensures corporate compliance with all applicable tax obligations for all levels of government—including US, and international tax laws. Oversite of CRA audit is another important...


Fernando Brandt, Senior HR Manager at Giftcraft Ltd., brings 11 years of recruitment experience. Currently, he is the Senior Human Resources Manager at Giftcraft, a wholesale company specializing in retail gifts and décor. We asked him to share insights from his experiences hiring for accounting and finance roles. Here’s what he said.  1. Have you recently seen growing business activity...


Have you lost touch with people in your professional network? Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, it’s worthwhile to rekindle those lost connections. Relationship building is an essential part of career success—and reconnecting with your recruiter or developing a new one is no exception. Here are seven benefits of building a relationship with your recruiter. 1. Learn about the...


Job seeking will continue to evolve with the advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. These technologies are changing the way recruiters search for talent and conduct interviews. According to our 2019 Canada Salary Guide, 83 per cent of companies intend to adopt AI, machine learning or automation tools in the next 1–3 years to streamline their hiring and onboarding. How...


The holiday can be a big stress bubble for employers as there are large volumes of work and staff are away on vacation. On top of this, not having enough staff at hand would mean losing out productivity and risking a high turnover due to rising workplace stress. Fortunately, hiring temporary workers through a recruitment agency such as Hays is an effective way to address the skills shortage. ...


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