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While the job market for the majority of sectors across the globe, generally speaking, is in a lot better place now than it was five years ago, you’d still consider yourself fortunate to receive multiple job offers. The problem is that, while having options is a blessing, many jobseekers don’t know how to deal with more than one offer without damaging their relationships with the...


If you have recently been offered a new job, you might be unsure on how to approach handing in your resignation. If this is the case, then listen to this podcast episode as we discuss how to resign and not burn any bridges along the way.   Hays Worldwide - Careers Advice Podcast · 11: How best to approach handing in your resignation - Richard Eardley, Managing Director, Hays Asia ...


Gone are the days when a salary-boosting counter offer would successfully retain a resigning staff member. Today people leave jobs for a range of reasons, which are seldom addressed by a counter offer. From looking for a new challenge to career advancement, a desire to work with newer technology or within an organization where they can contribute and feel valued, people change jobs for a...


Digital marketing jobs are in demand in Canada. This demand was accelerated by the recent and rapid shift to online work, school, and commerce. In response, companies have increased their digital ad spend by 19.1% and decreased traditional ad spend by 19%. This growth has fuelled the emergence of several digital marketing niches. Digital Marketing Manager What do you do? A digital marketing...


Every year, the market for cybersecurity professionals in Canada grows by 7%. Meanwhile, the average salary of a cybersecurity professional in 2020 was $97,000. There’s a great opportunity for professionals eager to make a shift into a solid career with high pay and a strong market outlook. Here are a few niches to consider. Incident Response Specialists What do you do? This entry level...


2020 has been an unprecedented year for technology. The disruption caused by COVID-19 quickly forced organizations to reprioritize their technology objectives and strategies overnight to enable them to operate in a newly remote environment. But it isn’t just how and where employees work that has drastically altered. In the space of just a few short months there have also been huge changes in...


We’re coming up to the time of year when many people will overindulge during the festive holiday and then make ambitious resolutions about all the healthy behaviours they are going to undertake in the new year. Gym memberships tend to explode in January, but it is usually quiet again a couple of months later. The problem is we all have some unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthier...


As we approach another new year, are you feeling, dreaming and anticipating failure when you think about setting new goals or resolutions? You know that goals work and that you should set them. The Internet is awash with advice for setting SMART or other clever-sounding goals. So, you set some. And then by the 1st of February, you are back in the guilt of not following through. Is this...


More than any other in recent history, 2020 has been a year of leadership lessons. In just a matter of months, we’ve learnt how to adapt our organizations to a rapidly changing market. We’ve learnt how to work and collaborate in new ways – and how to ensure our people are doing the same – all from a distance. We haven’t always known the answers to the questions posed to us along the way, and...


The holidays are a prime time for catching up with loved ones – whether that will be in person or over video calls this year. However, if you are currently feeling unhappy in your current role, you are, no doubt, dreading being asked the inevitable question: “So how is your job going?” You wouldn’t mind usually, but right now this is a loaded question, simply because the truthful answer...


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