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Short on staff this holiday? Here's 5 reasons why you should hire temp employees

By Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Dec 5th 2018

The holiday can be a big stress bubble for employers as there are large volumes of work and staff are away on vacation. On top of this, not having enough staff at hand would mean losing out productivity and risking a high turnover due to rising workplace stress. Fortunately, hiring temporary workers through a recruitment agency such as Hays is an effective way to address the skills shortage.

Here’s why:

  • Flexible contract – Whether you need to fill a role for a few days, or a few months, you will have the coverage you need. As well, there’s an opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis if you’re impressed by their performance.
  • Reliable staff – Candidates are pre-screened and are committed to the role. They either already have a working relationship with Hays or have a vested interest in building that relationship so they can be considered for future placements.
  • Specialized skills – The number one reason employers hired contract or temporary staff in 2018 is because they bring in specialist skills or expertise. For example, employers may require some legal assistance during peak periods but don’t require a permanent staff.
  • Fill positions quickly – When there’s a time crunch due to tight project deadlines or increased workloads, it’s very challenging for employers to find the right staff. By seeking help from an established recruitment agency, we’ll leverage our resources and expertise to find the staff you need within a day.
  • Reduce workplace stress – According to our 2019 Canadian Salary Guide, 73 per cent of employers say that the skills shortage leads to increased employee workload and stress. By hiring temp staff, you can help relieve your staff from being overburdened during certain points within the year.

According to our recruiting experts, some top roles employers are hiring for during the holidays include receptionists, warehouse staff, accounts payable, HR professionals, and legal assistants.

It’s also common for employers to be hesitant about increasing headcount. Working with a recruitment agency allows you to reap the benefits of added headcount support without actually taking the risk. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to increase permanent staff in order to employ more workers on occasion.

Are you sure you’ve accurately forecasted your hiring needs?

Our most recent survey showed that employers ended up hiring more people than they had anticipated in 2018. As a consequence, employers expect to hire more people in 2019 to get ahead on what is expected to be another busy year.

Contact Hays to discuss how temporary staff can ensure a seamless transition between your vacationing team and a qualified solution.

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