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What is the most important thing to look for when you’re weighing up which companies you should apply to for your next career move? Is it the compensation on offer? The office environment? The working culture? Perhaps, if you have an eye on building your career, you might look beyond the things you’ll experience personally and look at the strength of the company itself – its market share,...


Hays Worldwide - Viewpoint Audio Narrations · How to attract Generations X, Y and Z to your business   There are five generations working side-by-side in many of our workplaces. Age diversity can be attributed to the fact that later retirement and longer life expectancy means that the Traditionalists (born prior to 1946) and Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) will be working...


When I step back and think about the most successful people I have come across in my career, they share a common theme. They all seem to genuinely enjoy learning new things and will continually challenge themselves to grow and develop. They may be at the pinnacle of their game, but they accept that they still have much to learn and actively go out to discover what they are missing. I really...


The drive towards a more sustainable, low-carbon way of life to tackle the threat of climate change continues to build momentum. It’s something that’s underlined by green action at the highest level around the world – from the UK Government’s pledge that the country will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions to thousands of Chinese companies being fined for breaking strict...


I recently read that 67% of 6-9-year olds say that saving the planet will be the ‘central mission of their careers’ in the future. That stat struck me as fascinating, but not all together surprising. I think we’d all agree, that for all of us, regardless of our age, the reasons behind the career choices we make are becoming more deeply rooted in social purpose and the world around...


Digital disruption is a phrase we are used to hearing by now. This refers to how new digital technologies are enabling us to change how we do things, such as interacting with customers or linking a business’ internal system with its suppliers’ for faster, more efficient ordering. Digital disruption A similar ‘disruption’ or innovation can be applied to your resume in order to help it get...


Digital technology is having a huge impact on both society and the workplace, generating unprecedented and constant change. Increasing levels of automation and the growing adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics software across many industries are transforming the world of work around us. With all of this innovation comes a lot of change, not least to jobs, tasks and skills....


While the job market for the majority of sectors across the globe, generally speaking, is in a lot better place now than it was five years ago, you’d still consider yourself fortunate to receive multiple job offers. The problem is that, while having options is a blessing, many jobseekers don’t know how to deal with more than one offer without damaging their relationships with the...


If you have recently been offered a new job, you might be unsure on how to approach handing in your resignation. If this is the case, then listen to this podcast episode as we discuss how to resign and not burn any bridges along the way.   Hays Worldwide - Careers Advice Podcast · 11: How best to approach handing in your resignation - Richard Eardley, Managing Director, Hays Asia ...


Gone are the days when a salary-boosting counter offer would successfully retain a resigning staff member. Today people leave jobs for a range of reasons, which are seldom addressed by a counter offer. From looking for a new challenge to career advancement, a desire to work with newer technology or within an organization where they can contribute and feel valued, people change jobs for a...


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