Contingent workforce solutions

Hays Talent Solutions delivered our first MSP to a large global banking client back in 1994. The client had hundreds of temporary workers, and over 50 different suppliers, all of whom were using separate timesheet, invoicing and compliance systems. The client asked how we could help and the HTS MSP offering was born. Hays MSP sources, engages and administers your ‘non-permanent’ resources and staffing suppliers. This means all requests, vendors, workers, timesheets and spend are captured, managed and tracked through a single service offering for an enterprise level view of all activity. Typical savings achievements in year 1 are between 15-20% of your current non-permanent spend.

Today our service has expanded and we offer you full visibility and control of your entire non-permanent workforce, including temporary workers, contractors, consultants and resources engaged under a statement of work.

How MSP works

How MSP works | Hays Talent Solutions

Managed Service Program, Managed Service it what you want. An MSP is when the sourcing, engagement and administration of ‘non-permanent’ resources and tasks is managed by a single provider. This allows processes to be standardized, best practices introduced and policies enforced, so you can realize savings and efficiencies such as:

  • A single system for all time and expense submittals and approvals
  • One invoice for your entire non-permanent population
  • Reduced risk via a fully compliant, auditable workforce
  • Benchmarked rate cards across all roles in your organization
  • Competitive sourcing for all vacancies resulting in lower submitted bill rates
  • Markup / margin management across all non-permanent suppliers
  • Reduced time to hire via rigid supply base SLA’s
  • Quarterly supplier report cards to evaluate best vs. worst / replaceable vendors
  • Monitor KPI’s to align with business goals (turnover, diversity, speed, etc.)
  • Customized reporting suites for HR, Procurement, Operations, Executive, etc.
  • Cost savings initiatives (volume, tenure, payrolling, furlow’s, etc.)

Hays Talent Solutions take care of it all, so you can do what you do best, your job.

As a global outsourcing provider, staffing firm, VMS provider and large employer ourselves, we’re in a unique position to advise on all sides of the coin.

From localized services to multi country and regional agreements our experience combined with the infrastructure, market knowledge and expertise of the world largest specialist recruitment company means we are uniquely positioned to support you whatever the scope and location.

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