Offers & resignations
3. Handling counter offers

Offers and resignationsEmployers want to keep good people and don't want the hassle of replacing you, so your boss could try to tempt you to stay with the company. Good planning and careful consideration will help you stand your ground and affirm you have made the right decision.

Don’t be tempted by money alone.
Go back to your target job requirements; why did you start looking for a new job? An increase in salary won’t fix everything.

Remind yourself why you have accepted the new job.
Refer back to you target list and how this new job ticks all the boxes. Weigh up the pros and cons of each job and decide what is right for you long-term.

Talk it through with your consultant. 
Your consultant can share similar situations they have experienced and can act as a great sounding board to help talk it all through.

This is business, so look after number one.
You’ve made the right decision. Thank your employer and reaffirm your intention to leave and hand over your notice letter.