Before you begin
4. Temp, contract or perm?

Job SearchConsider all options when looking for a new job as even a short-term contract can lead to huge opportunities further along your career. Speak to your recruiter to find out what the specifics of working as a contractor in your region and what type of temporary roles you should be targeting to enhance your work experience.

Contract jobs can help expand your portfolio.
Consider a temporary or contract job to add new skills or different projects to your portfolio.

Trial a new industry or location on a temporary basis.
Taking a short-term contract gives you the chance to do your job in a different industry or new location without a long-term commitment.

Be paid for the hours you work.
With many contract roles you are paid by the hour or the day so the more you work the more you are paid.

Find out more?
For detailed information on working on a contract basis talk to a consultant in your area on the local regulations for temporary workers.