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Why aren't great people applying to your job ads?

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Thursday, Jul 26, 2018

The find and engage recruitment model will change hiring | Hays Canada BlogThe hiring managers I’ve spoken to over the past few years have all told me it’s getting harder to find great candidates. The need to measure and assess that trend is what motivated our latest report, called Hiring Transformed, looks at what’s changed when it comes to hiring and job seeking.

Advertise and apply or “post and pray”
For decades the process for hiring has looking the same. Yes, the method evolved from newspapers to job boards, but it still relied on active job seekers looking for open positions.

This passive model has remained in place for a number of reasons. Initially it was one of the only ways to reach a wide audience. While recruiters – both internal and external – might have a rolodex of potential candidates, those connections were impossible to scale, so proactive searching was used for senior roles, niche industries, and hard to find skill sets.

Today, technology means we can go far beyond the “advertise and apply” model to find people, but the affordability and accessibility of job boards makes them a tough habit to break.

Candidates are waiting to be contacted
The Hiring Transformed report finds that 78 per cent of Canadians want to be contacted about job opportunities, instead of searching for them. And just 17 per cent of candidates expect to get their next job through a job board. Most say they will find their next career step through a personal relationship – their network, a referral, or a recruiter.

With 81% of hiring managers struggling to find qualified candidates, knowing where to find people is crucial. Sourcing passive candidates gives you access to an additional talent pool that nobody else is looking at. Passive candidates aren’t answering job ads, but they have the skills you need, and they, too, want to be contacted directly about their next job – to the tune of 84 per cent.

A new approach: The Find & Engage model
So what can you do instead? What we’ve found, and how we’ve evolved our approach to stay ahead of this trend, is that companies need to make the most of technology to connect with candidates and build relationships when they’re not hiring, so when they do have an opening they can tap into that talent pool and make the best match.

We call this the “Find & Engage” model.

Connect with potential candidates to bring them into your network.
Tools: social media, resume databases, alumni networks

Build trusted relationships with candidates through relevant value-add content and regular communication
Tools: social media, email database, automated nurture programs

Choose from high quality candidates and use tech screening tools for better hiring decisions
Tools: resume screening software, automated interview questions, online assessment tools

Successfully implementing this model requires combining the “art and science” of recruitment. Technology can help you scale your recruitment efforts, but without hiring experts to apply their knowledge and understanding to the hiring process you won’t be able to make the most of new software and systems.

In the current talent market, pairing new technology with human interaction and proactive candidate sourcing is the best way to make your business competitive and get the staff you need before your competition does. Your next hire wants you to come to them, and with the wealth of choice to go where their skills are going to be recognized and rewarded, they’re going to go with who finds them first, with the right offer. Make sure that’s you.

Ready to evolve? Request the report today for more on how to apply this new model of recruitment.

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