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50 Years of Hays: “Hays is a meritocracy. That makes you the master of your own fate.”

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hays 50th Anniversary interview with Bob BracalentiThis year, Hays turns 50. It's the people that make Hays great so we're talking to our valued veterans. Mississauga Construction and Development Business Manager Bob Bracalenti was one of the first people hired in Canada and has more than 14 years of experience recruiting for construction in the GTA.

How did you start with Hays and how has your career progressed?
I was actually interviewed by Hays Canada President Rowan O’Grady, who was still on a construction desk at the time. I’ve spent more than 14 years doing construction recruitment in the GTA, including advancing to people management and managed the construction and property team in Mississauga for 10 years. Now I have returned to working a desk full time as a business manager. One great feature of working at Hays is the ability to really direct your own career.

How has recruitment changed since you started?
The difference is night and day. Technology has completely changed recruitment top to bottom. Large sites, job boards, LinkedIn. All of these things have shrunk the world a great deal for candidates, clients and recruiters alike. I think that is the biggest difference there is a lot more information available to everyone involved and speed is very important.

What makes Hays a great place for you to build your long-term career?
Hays is a meritocracy. If you do well, you do well. That makes you the master of your own fate. If you want to change your world and progress your career with hard work and talent you can do that here. That is all you can ask from an employer. I would say for me the best part is the people in Mississauga. Preeti, Alistair and I have been together in the same office for 15 years. We have spent the better part of our adult lives together. And my team with Adam and Ali has been together for 6 and 11 years. People use the term family when they talk about work a lot but I think few places have a family feel like we have in Mississauga. We are a very close group and an awesome team that is what makes it easy to come to work every day and build a long career.

What do you think has helped make Hays successful over 50 years?
I think it is our progressive attitude. We are always working to improve our business and our position in the business world. We are committed to success and that is a great starting point. We are out front with regards to technology and our marketing and our business model in general. We are also consistent worldwide. Sticking to our brand is key to our success.

Please share your favorite Hays stories from throughout the years…
There are lots of great stories, and the many clients and candidates I have known for years is amazing. Placing a candidate that I had met 11 years earlier was very cool, as was placing a project manager at Kaneff who three years later is now a VP and in charge of a huge part of the company.

That said, the best story is from a couple years ago, when I placed an estimator from Edmonton here in the GTA. He and his wife and three kids moved to Ontario, but needed a place to stay while they searched for a house so the whole family moved in with me. As a single guy it was lovely to have a husband, wife and kids for a while. He and I remain friends to this day.

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