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4 tips for getting more from each interview

Posted by Rowan O'Grady, Hays Canada President, on Friday, Jun 15, 2018

Hays Blog: Ask better questions to get more from interviewsFace-to-face interviews remain a key part of the hiring process. Conducted fairly and thoroughly, they are an effective and efficient means of gathering relevant information upon which to make a sound decision.

But are you making sure the interviewee has the information they need to make a good decision?

A competent and objective recruitment process can be so powerful that even unsuccessful candidates recommend the organization to others, boosting the employer’s brand and reputation. After all, it’s not just the employer who wants the right fit, candidates are looking for the same thing.

Here are some simple guidelines to help create a positive experience for both you and the candidate optimizing the opportunities to get the right fit.

Make it human
Write a list of guiding questions, no longer than one page, to steer your hiring managers towards a more focused process avoiding explorations into areas of real interest.

Think about the competencies most relevant to the role and the questions that will be most valuable to ask so that you can benchmark candidates against one another.

Get the best out of the candidate
Put the candidate at ease by giving them enough time to answer and be an active listener. Don’t take complete control over the time, focus on building rapport.

Enjoy it
This process gives you an insight into someone else’s world and the opportunity to make a positive difference to their life.

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