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The Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR and recruitment professionals on the ever changing world of work.

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Featured Articles

Being human

The rise of the machines in the workplace has undoubtedly begun, and while the dissolution of some roles may have been on the cards for some time, now even lawyers and doctors can see parts of their work taken on by robots. Our article explores why it is important to remember the power of the human touch.

Diversity of thought

Many are finding it difficult to attract a diverse range of candidates. Yet even if businesses manage to solve this problem, simply having an inclusive and varied workforce is not enough. How can businesses boost their bottom line by utilising the diversity of thought on offer?

Smarter cities

What technologies are making cities around the world smarter and how are organizations taking advantage of them?

Next generation compliance

Since the 2008 financial crisis, compliance has become increasingly important in the world of finance. How can organizations respond to a world of increasing regulation?

Giving staff a purpose

At LinkedIn, staff are told on there first day that they will leave the company. Wendy Murphy, HR Director EMEA, LinkedIn, explains the importance of giving staff a purpose. 

Growing pains

Start-ups (SME's) often rely on an informal culture to attract the best talent. Yet as they grow, is it necessary to introduce a more procedural approach and how can businesses balance the two?

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