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The Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers on the ever changing world of work.

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Encouraging intrapreneurship

Many businesses face disruption from new, agile organizations that possess an entrepreneurial culture. But many have staff among their ranks with big ideas that could transform their business.

How can companies nurture an intrapreneurial spirit in staff to compete with new competition in the market?

Prevention is better than cure

The skills demanded in cyber security experts are changing. Where once businesses sought engineers to fight incoming attacks, a demand for professionals with a strategic understanding is now prevalent.

The rise of the freelancer economy

More people than ever are choosing freelance careers. Find out how you and your company can use this trend effectively to save money, and improve resourcing across different projects.

A sense of purpose

Great benefits and wages are no longer enough. Many employees need to know that the company they work for is making a positive difference, and that they are personally contributing to that. So how do you provide staff with a collective sense of purpose?

Fresh approach

How HR can balance business results and employee satisfaction? David Fairhurst, Global Chief People Officer of McDonald’s explains.



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